U.S. contractors interrogated Iraqi prisoners

Monday, May 3, 2004

U.S. security contractors have been employed to interrogate Iraqi prisoners, according to an attorney for a U.S. soldier under investigation.

The private contractors were used to interrogate Iraqi detainees in the Abu Ghaib prison north of Baghdad. The attorney for a U.S. soldier accused of abusing Iraqi prisoners said CACI International, based in Arlington, Va., and Titan Corp. of San Diege, provided interrogators and translators for interrogations at Abu Ghaib.

The assertion placed private U.S. firms deep inside U.S.-led coalition operations in Iraq.

Until now, U.S. officials maintained that private military and security firms merely protected the Coalition Provisional Authority and private companies in Iraq, Middle East Newsline reported.

Gary Myers, the attorney for Staff Sgt. Ivan Frederick, said he could not determine the extent of the use of private contractors in the U.S.-operated Iraqi prison. But he said this information would be disclosed during any trial of his client or others accused of abusing Iraqi prisoners.

Titan has employed translators for U.S. forces in Iraq, company executives said. But they could not confirm that they were used in Abu Ghaib.

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