Saudis plan new petrochem sites

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Thursday, July 29, 2004

ABU DHABI Saudi Arabia plans to establish two major energy facilities amid the Al Qaida threat to the kingdom.

Saudi officials said the kingdom will construct two petrochemical facilities in Jubail by 2007 in cooperation with Germany and Japan.

They said Jubail United Petrochemical Co., a subsidiary of the Saudi Basic Industries Corp., and Germany's Linde will construct a $200 million linear alpha olefins plant by late 2006.

The second project called for the construction of an integrated styrene facility in Jubail that would include Japan's JGC Corp. and operated by Jubail Chevron Phillips. The facility, set for completion in 2007, would produce polymers for a range of products including electronic parts, tires and construction materials.

Officials said Jubail and Yanbu, where SABIC operates its largest petrochemical projects, have been under a state of alert for Al Qaida attacks. Al Qaida attacked the Yanbu facility in May 2004.

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