Summer camp in Gaza: Kids learn to kidnap, kill

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

GAZA CITY The ruling Fatah movement of Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat has operated a summer camp that trains youngsters as young as 10 to abduct and kill Israelis.

The training has been taking place in a summer camp for thousands of Palestinian youngsters in the Gaza Strip. The training included the use of semi-automatic rifles, hurling grenades as well as attacking and abducting Israeli motorists.

Palestinian sources said the training of youngsters has taken place annually in the Gaza Strip. Several Palestinian correspondents have been invited to witness and film the exercises.

The exercises included the firing of AK-47 Kalashnikov rifles by youngsters. The youngsters were also pressed to conduct infantry-type exercises, such as completing an obstacle course complete with barbed wire and hoops of fire.

In one case, Palestinian youngsters were forced into the hoops of fire by instructors who fired over their heads. In another exercise, the youngsters were trained to ambush and kill an Israeli motorist, played by a Palestinian who wore a Jewish skullcap.

Youngsters were also indoctrinated in the need to fight and kill Israelis. The camp was operated by the Fatah-sponsored Popular Resistance Committee and those completing the training would receive a certificate from the camp commander.

[In Ramallah, Palestinian Legislative Council members said PA Chairman Yasser Arafat has agreed to provide limited security authority to Prime Minister Ahmed Qurei. The PLC members said Arafat has proposed that Qurei be granted responsibility over the the PA police and at least one security agency.]

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