Israel captures Hamas, Jihad commanders

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In all, the sources said, the Israeli force captured 14 insurgents during the operation in Tulkarm that ended on late Tuesday. They said the operation was one of the most successful counter-insurgency efforts in months.

On late Tuesday, an Israeli was killed in a Palestinian ambush near Ramallah. Two others were also injured in an attack attributed to the ruling Fatah militia.

In Jerusalem, Israel's military has determined that the Islamic opposition group Hamas has scaled down attacks on Israel. Israeli military sources said Hamas has limited its activity in fear that Israel will once again targets the group's leadership.

On Wednesday, a Palestinian suicide bomber blew herself up in an Israeli military facility at the Erez border terminal in the northern Gaza Strip.

The suicide attack was said to have killed at least four Israeli government personnel and destroyed the security facility, which inspected the permits of thousands of Palestinian laborers who sought to enter Israel. The Erez terminal is said to be one of the few remaining areas of Israeli-Palestinian security cooperation.

Fatah and Hamas said they cooperated to launch the suicide attack. The suicide bomber was said to have been a Fatah operative.

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