Jordan tightens border controls, wins Israel's praise

Friday, August 13, 2004

TEL AVIV Jordan has realigned its military deployment along the border with Israel in an attempt to stop insurgency attacks.

Israeli military officers said Jordan has rearranged its forces and platforms along the 300-kilometer border with Israel. They said Jordan has also sent in troops with enhanced training and equipment as well as established new border installations.

In all, the officers said, Jordan's military has set up 50 checkpoints and observation posts along the border with Israel. They credited the effort with helping foil attacks by Palestinian insurgency groups and Hizbullah against Israel.

In July, Jordan's military detected and foiled the infiltration of Palestinian insurgents into Israel, Middle East Newsline reported.

"The Jordanians are our real partners," Lt. Col. Ran, a senior commander along the Israel-Jordan border, said.

The officers said the Jordanian redeployment has taken place over the last year and represents a marked improvement in military and security relations between Amman and Jerusalem. They said the two countries have by far the closest cooperation in efforts against insurgency groups than any of Israel's other neighbors.

Amman has warned Palestinian and Islamic groups that Jordan will not tolerate anti-Israeli raids from the kingdom.

Officers said Israel and Jordan have also improved cooperation in such areas as joint training and exercises. They said the number of visits and meetings between senior officers and commanders from both countries have increased over the last year.

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