Sri Lanka accepts Israeli aid
minus the Israelis

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

JERUSALEM Israel will send humanitarian aid to Sri Lanka, a major victim of the earthquake that has killed tens of thousands in Southeast Asia.

Israel's military was ordered to provide aid and medical personnel to Sri Lanka in wake of the earthquake on Dec. 26. But officials said Sri Lanka has refused to allow the Israeli delegation into Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka has, however, allowed the Israeli aid to enter the country.

Officials said the delegation was to have comprised 150 rescue and medical personnel including physicians, nurses and paramedics. The delegation was to have been under the command of the Home Front Command Staff chief Brig. Gen. Avraham Ben David.

"The delegation that will leave on IAF and leased aircraft, will be equipped with medical equipment and supplies, water, food and other equipment such as tents, blankets, mattresses and generators," an Israeli military statement said on Tuesday.

The statement said a medical facility would be assembled at the location. The facility would include medical specialists, an emergency department, internal medicine department, pediatric department as well as laboratory and X-ray facilities.

Thousands of Israelis were believed to be in the area of the earthquake in such countries as India, Sri Lanka and Thailand, but there have been no reports of Israeli casualties.

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