Insurgents kill 18 Iraqi police

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

BAGHDAD Sunni insurgents have killed at least 18 Iraqi police officers in the Sunni Triangle.

Officials said the police were killed in several attacks around Tikrit, north of Baghdad on Tuesday. They said 12 of the officers were killed in an attack on a station nearly 20 kilometers south of Tikrit.

The attackers were said to have captured the police station in Dijla then executed 12 officers. The insurgents then dynamited the facility.

Insurgents also carried out four other attacks on police outposts in Tikrit. In those attacks, five Iraqi officers were killed and three others were injured.

In Baghdad, a car bomb targeted an Iraqi National Guard commander, Gen. Modher Al Mula, as he was leaving his home, the Iraqi Interior Ministry said. Al Mula was identified as a Shi'ite staff officer.

In Beqouba, a police commander was assassinated by unidentified gunmen.

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