Kuwait said to lack technological base exploit ally status with U.S.

Wednesday, August 4, 2004

ABU DHABI ° Kuwait has failed to build a technological base to absorb advanced Western defense and dual-use systems.

Kuwaiti sources said the sheikdom has not established a technological infrastructure for research and development. They said the government has also failed to set the acquisition and absorption of advanced technology as a priority in both military and civilian programs.

The requirement for a Kuwaiti technological base has increased over the last few months in wake of the designation of the sheikdom as a major non-NATO ally of the United States, the sources said. The U.S. designation has paved the way for the transfer of advanced technology to Kuwait, Middle East Newsline reported.

But a new study said Kuwait remains hampered by ignorance on technological developments as well as the need to acquire technology. The study said Kuwait lacks an indigenous scientific community as well as a policy for its development.

The study by the Kuwaiti ╣Business Studies College said the sheikdom lacks a database to record scientific developments as well as a research and development center. Authored by Afrah Bushehri, the report said the government has also failed to demand offsets for the acquisition of technology as part of contracts with foreign companies.

Kuwait has also failed to pass legislation to facilitate the transfer of technology from the sheikdom's allies. The report said the sheikdom has not drafted either legislation or policy for the acquisition of technology. "There is little interest in developing indigenous technology," the report said.

╣The study stressed that Kuwait was capable of purchasing advanced technology and building an infrastructure. Kuwait has benefited from the sharp rise in crude oil prices over the last year.

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