Oman reports killing of American

Sunday, January 4, 2004

ABU DHABI Oman has reported the killing of an American, the second Western national slain in the sultanate in less than a month.

Omani officials said the unidentified U.S. national was found dead in the Muscat governorate on Wednesday. They did not elaborate. "The body of an American citizen was found in Al Hail South, in the governorate of Muscat, on Dec. 31," a police official quoted by the official Oman News Agency said. "All procedures were immediately taken by the investigation teams."

The United States has advised Americans in Oman to increase security precautions. A State Department advisory raised the prospect that Americans could be in danger in public areas during daylight.

In early December, a German national was shot and killed in broad daylight near the British embassy in Muscat, Middle East Newsline reported. In October a British national was shot and injured.

After weeks of silence, Oman acknowledged the attacks. But authorities said the shootings were not the work of Islamic insurgents.

Oman contains a significant British and U.S. military presence. The two Western countries have trained the Omani military and have use of air fields and naval facilities of the sultanate. The United States also uses Oman for the prepositioning of army equipment.

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