Michael Moore: Best buddies with America's sworn enemies

By Christopher Holton
Special to World
Thursday, September 23, 2004

I always knew Michael Moore was a strange bird. But many people have no idea how extreme he really is.

Perhaps that is why I find it so troubling that he has been embraced by the Democratic Party and the left-leaning news media so closely. He sat with Terry McAuliffe at the Democratic National Convention and has used everything from the Oscars to his personal web site as platforms from which to attack America’s war against Jihadist terrorists.

And then there’s USA Today using him to cover the Republican National Convention. I have no problem with USA Today selecting someone from the left to cover the conservative party’s convention, but Michael Moore? Michael Moore is way beyond the term “liberal.” He could more accurately be described as a leftist radical.

Just take a look at Moore’s friends and allies.

First, he defended the Taliban regime when the U.S. invaded Afghanistan after 9-11, claiming there was no proof that the Taliban — or even Osama Bin Laden--had anything to do with 9-11.

Then he defended Saddam’s brutal regime.

He will deny these charges of course, but, if Moore had his way, the Taliban regime would still be in power, harboring Al Qaida and Saddam would still be filling up the mass graves of Iraq, periodically threatening his neighbors and lining Kofi Annan’s pockets with kickbacks as Iraq did business with France, Germany and Russia.

After all this, Moore released Fahrenheit 9-11, a movie so overrun with lies and fabrications that it cannot possibly be termed a “documentary.” The movie goes way beyond attacking President Bush; it attacks our entire war effort. In Michael Moore’s sick and twisted world, 9-11 was America’s fault. We deserved to be attacked.

And with the release of the movie, Moore’s true colors shine through.

First we find out that Cuban dictator Fidel Castro thinks the movie is fantastic and it has been featured at movie theaters throughout Marxism’s last bastion in the western hemisphere, where, no doubt, its lies go unchallenged and its fabrications are accepted as gospel (if the gospel was acceptable to Castro!).

Next we learn that the murderous Jihadist terrorist group Hizbollah has secured the distribution rights to Fahrenheit 9-11 in Lebanon and other parts of the Middle East. These are Michael Moore’s friends and business associates. Perhaps at this point it would be useful to review just who Hizbollah is: Hizbollah is the terrorist group that popularized the suicide bomber. Before 9-11 in fact, Hizbollah boasted the highest American body count of all terrorist groups in the world, from the bombing of the Marine Barracks in Beirut, Lebanon in 1983 to the Khobar Yowers bomb in Saudi Arabia in 1996.

All told, over 400 Americans have died at the hands of Hizbollah — Michael Moore’s business partners.

Then came the straw that broke the camel’s back. Moore has released his movie in Iran — the cradle of Jihadism. Iran is a brutal Islamist theocracy in which free expression is a mere fantasy and periodic protests calling for liberty are brutally suppressed by Islamist thugs working for the Ayatollahs. But they have no problem with Michael Moore’s film. It was released in Tehran on September 11th and is evidently a big hit with the Shiite flavor of radical Islam.

Let’s take a look at Moore’s dear Iranian friends:

The regime in Tehran is the world’s foremost sponsor of Jihadist terrorism. Not only are they the main supplier, trainer and arms merchant for Hizbollah, but according to Bill Gertz’s sources in Breakdown, and the 9-11 Commission, Iran is heavily involved with Al Qaida as well. Meanwhile, Iran is feverishly working on a ballistic missile program, including the Shehab-3 IRBM which potentially could target cities as far away as London. And lest we forget, Moore’s Iranian pals have done a masterful job of concealing their clandestine nuclear weapons program from the IAEA and its Muslim Arab chief. That’s right, Moore’s Ayatollahs are well on their way to getting the Bomb.

So these are Michael Moore’s friends: the Taliban, Al Qaida, Saddam Hussein, Hizbollah, Fidel Castro and the Ayatollahs.

Michael Moore’s friends are America’s sworn enemies, promoters of an idealogy that would eliminate our democratic way of life and do away with our Judeo-Christian values. Michael Moore’s friends are the folks who make the truck bombs, hijackings and hostage-taking possible.

We have met the enemy and he is Michael Moore.

Christopher Holton is editor of WorldTechTribune, the division of dedicated to military and defense technology and systems. He is a long-time member of the Board of Advisers and is currently an acting Vice President with the Center for Security Policy. He can be reached at

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