Rebels claim gains against military in Darfour

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Sudanese rebels have claimed new gains in fighting in the war-torn province of Darfour.

Sudanese rebels said they have driven out military trops from four areas of Darfour on Dec. 27. They said the areas included the city of Taad, the largest trade zone in the region.

The rebels said their forces attacked military positions throughout the south and west of Sudan over the last week. The major attacks took place west of Kardafan in central Sudan.

The Darfour rebels claimed to have captured the area of Kardafan as well as the city on Dec. 27. The rebel drive also led to the takeover of a military headquarters and a police station.

Witnesses confirmed the fighting but could not say how far the rebels advanced. They said the Sudanese military deployed An-24 air transports and Mi-24 attack helicopters to fight the rebels. They said the fighting continued into Tuesday.

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