Kahane web sites called 'terrorist' by State Dept.

Monday, October 13, 2003

The United States has deemed the Internet sites of four Jewish groups as terrorist.

The State Department included the websites of groups connected to assassinated Knesset member Meir Kahane as a "foreign terrorist organizations." This would subject the websites to a range of U.S. sanctions.

Kahane was killed in 1990 by a member of an Al Qaida-aligned organization that three years later tried to destroy the World Trade Center. The killer was Sayed Nosair, who was part of the network of Sheik Omar Abdul Rahman.

Kahane's son, Binyamin and his wife, were killed in a Palestinian attack in the West Bank in 2000, Middle East Newsline reported.

Kach has advocated a theological state in Israel and has called for deportation of Arabs who refuse to accept Jewish control. Such a state would ban marriages between Jews and non-Jews.

The websites are,, and They are all connected to the Kach organization established by Kahane in the 1980s and previously deemed as a terrorist organization.

Neither Kach nor its splinter groups have been formally charged in Israel or the United States with any attacks that have resulted in casualties. Supporters of Kahane have been accused of targeting Arab embassies and lobbyists in the 1980s.

The State Department designation bans donations to the websites. Three of the sites offer books and provide information on where contributions could be sent.

Israel declared Kahane Chai as a terrorist group in 1994 after a Kach supporter gunned down 29 Muslims in the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron. The United States later followed suit.

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