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U.S. warns Kuwait that war is new

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

ABU DHABI The United States has informed Kuwait that President George Bush has decided to wage war against Iraq.

Kuwaiti sources said the message was relayed by U.S. Central Command chief Gen. Tommy Franks during his weekend visit to the sheikdom. Franks met both Kuwaiti military and political leaders and warned the country to prepare for war.

Franks was said to have told Kuwaiti leaders that war could take place soon and that the sheikdom should increase security measures. But the general did not set a date.

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[On Tuesday, the London-based A-Sharq Al Awsat daily reported that U.S. President George Bush is considering delaying the Iraqi war for several months. The Saudi-owned newspaper said the delay is one of three options by Bush in absence of a United Nations Security Council resolution that calls for the replacement of the regime of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein. In contrast, the London-based Al Hayat reported that the United States has told Russia that U.S. forces will begin preparations for war starting on Feb. 10. But the U.S. message stressed that Bush has not yet decided to attack Baghdad.]

U.S. forces in Kuwait have come under repeated attack from insurgents linked to Al Qaida. Last week, a U.S. national was killed and another seriously wounded in an ambush near Kuwait City.

The sources said Kuwait has launched a crackdown on suspected Al Qaida insurgents. They said about 20 people have been arrested on suspicion of belonging to an Al Qaida cell that has targeted U.S. nationals.

The U.S. warning came as United Nations inspectors asked for more time to search for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. The 60-day update on the weapons inspections chief presented by the UN Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission and the International Atomic Energy Agency reviewed 300 inspections performed on more than 200 different sites over the last two months.

For its part, the IAEA conducted 139 inspections at 106 locations. IAEA director Mohammed El Baradei said his agency has not found traces of nuclear weapons in Iraq.

"No prohibited nuclear activities have been identified," El Baradei said. "With our verification system now in place, barring exceptional circumstances, and provided there is sustained proactive cooperation by Iraq, we should be able within the next few months to provide credible assurance that Iraq has no nuclear weapons program."

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