U.S. captures top Republican Guard official

Monday, May 19, 2003

NICOSIA The United States has captured a major military official under the deposed regime of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

Gen. Kamal Mustafa Abdallah Sultan Al Tikriti was secretary of the elite Republic Guard
U.S. Central Command said Gen. Kamal Mustafa Abdallah Sultan Al Tikriti was captured in Baghdad over the weekend. The command identified Al Tikriti as secretary of the elite Republic Guard.

"He surrendered to coalition forces early this morning in Baghdad," Central Command said in a statement on Saturday.

Al Tikriti was number 10 on the list of 55 most wanted Iraqis. So far 23 members of that list have been captured.

U.S. officials said many of Saddam's aides, including Izzet Eddin Ibrahim Al Douri, were believed to have fled to Syria in early April. They said some of them quietly left Syria for Lebanon and Libya.

On Sunday, the London-based Telegraph newspaper reported that Saddam's nephew, Fatiq Majid, entered Syria on May 12 and was provided with safe haven in Damascus. Majid is the brother-in-law of Qusay Hussein, the younger son and expected heir to Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

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