U.S., Israel, Britain to help Turkey respond to terror

Sunday, November 23, 2003

ANKARA Israel and the United States have launched an effort to help Turkey in its war against Al Qaida.

Turkish officials said Israel and the United States have pledged to send security and intelligence teams to Turkey. They said the teams will help investigate the two suicide strikes over the last week as well as brief Turkey on the Al Qaida threat.

Israel's Mossad director Meir Dagan left for Turkey over the weekend in wake of Thursday's twin suicide bombing attack in Istanbu, Middle East Newsline reportedl. At least 27 people were killed, including the British consul-general in that city.

Officials said a U.S. team will also be arriving in Istanbul or Ankara over the next few days. They said this team is expected to comprise CIA agents and officials from the State Department's Coordinator on Counter-Terrorism office.

Britain has also relayed its intention to investigate the latest Al Qaida bombing. Officials said a British team has already arrived in Istanbul and launched its own probe into security arrangements surrounding the British Consulate.

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