Symantec: Iran, Israel among top bases for Internet attacks

Sunday, October 19, 2003

A survey by Symantec reported that Middle East countries comprised six of the top ten bases for Internet attacks during the first half of 2003. And they weren't all 'rogue states.'

The top offenders included Israel as well as Iran, Egypt, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.

Symantec ranked the threats according to the size of a country's Internet population base. In the survey of countries with a base of between 100,000 and 1 million, Iran came second, Kuwait, third, the UAE, fourth, Saudi Arabia, sixth, and Egypt, ninth.

Israel was cited as the biggest source of web-based attacks with an Internet user base of more than 1 million, Middle East Newsline reported.

About 80 percent of all attacks originated from systems located in 10 countries.

"The Internet is a great leveller and the issue of web security in the Middle East is no different from any other part of the world," Kevin Isaac, regional director at Symantec, said.

"Wherever there is high bandwidth availability and a proliferation of the Internet, the chances of breaches taking place are high."

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