Interpol alert warns nations of terror attacks during Iraq war

Wednesday, March 19, 2003

ANKARA Interpol has warned of an outbreak of insurgency attacks during a U.S.-led war against Iraq.

The international law enforcement agency issued an alert to all countries that Islamic groups could strike Western and other countries during the war in Iraq. The agency, in the March 1 alert, urged law enforcement agencies around the world to bolster security.

Several countries have reported increasing security measures in response to the Interpol alert. In Turkey, police have been bolstered throughout the country, Middle East Newsline reported.

Officials said nearly 50,000 officers have bolstered Turkish law enforcement agencies. They said Turkey has also increased security cooperation with its neighbors.

In what officials termed an unprecedented move, Syria has handed over two Kurdish insurgents to Turkey. The insurgents were said to have been arrested in Syria and identified as members of the Kurdish Workers Party, banned in Turkey.

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