Christian pilgrim killed in attack near Jordan

Sunday, November 23, 2003

JERUSALEM An Islamic insurgent launched an attack on Christian pilgrims along the Jordanian border in the first such strike in years.

A Jordanian truck driver shot five pilgrims on the Israeli side of the southern border near Eilat on Wednesday. One of the pilgrims, an Ecuadorean national, was killed.

The truck driver came from the Jordanian town of Zarka opened fire toward the Israeli side of the border crossing, which was outside the Jordanian city of Aqaba. Israeli soldiers responded with gunfire and killed the insurgent.

The Islamic gunman took cover from one of a group of trucks waiting to enter Israel. Jordanian sources later said the truck driver was believed to have been working for an Islamic insurgency group.

Israeli security sources said intelligence agencies have been warning of Islamic attacks along the borders with Egypt and Jordan. The sources said the attacks were timed to take place at the end of the Islamic fast month of Ramadan.

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