Palestinians attempt assassination of Arafat's nephew

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Friday, July 25, 2003

GAZA CITY Palestinian insurgents have failed in an assassination attempt of the nephew of Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat. Palestinian sources said insurgents tried to kill Mussa Arafat in a grenade attack in the Gaza Strip on Thursday. The sources said Mussa, the nephew of the PA chairman and head of PA Military Intelligence, was not hurt.

About a dozen people were injured when a grenade was fired toward the PA Military Intelligence headquarters in Gaza City. They said a rocket-propelled grenade struck the roof of the compound near a detention facility.

The sources said the grenade was fired toward the office of Mussa Arafat. But the rocket-propelled grenade went off course and landed near the prison, injuring both officers and detainees. Arafat was not in his office when the attack took place.

On late Thursday, PA Military Intelligence issued a statement that asserted that Arafat was the target of the attack. The statement described the attackers as "anonymous."

"The attempted assassination failed," the statement said.

Palestinian sources said they doubted that Arafat was targeted by the Islamic opposition. They said the intelligence chief has numerous adversaries within the ruling Fatah movement.

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