Hizbullah warns conflict imminent with 'Israeli enemy'

Friday, June 13, 2003

Hizbullah has warned of an imminent confrontation with Israel.

Nabil Qawk, Hizbullah's commander in southern Lebanon, warned that the changes in the Middle East were leading to an "approaching encounter with the Israeli enemy." Qawk called for a coordination of efforts against Israel, but did not elaborate.

The warning came as Hizbullah gunners fired anti-aircraft shells toward several civilian targets in northern Israel on Thursday. Nobody was injured but the shells sparked fires in the area, Middle East Newsline reported.

The warning came also during a meeting between Qawk and Islamic seminary students in Sidon on Wednesday. The Hizbullah commander said the Iranian-sponsored insurgency group has reached an unprecedented level of preparations for war against Israel.

Hizbullah is said to have amassed nearly 10,000 rockets and short-range missiles in southern Lebanon. Last month, Iranian sources asserted that some of Hizbullah's heavy weapons were removed to the Bekaa Valley along the Syrian border.

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