Barrage of Palestinian attacks continue

Tuesday, June 3, 2003

GAZA CITY Palestinian gunners continued mortar attacks on Israeli targets in the Gaza Strip.

Palestinian sources said at least six mortars were fired toward Israeli communities in the strip on Sunday. No injuries were reported.

In addition, officials said Israeli authorities have received 57 alerts of Palestinian attacks. They said seven of the alerts warned of suicide strikes or car bombs against targets in Israel. Overnight Monday, Israeli forces captured three Palestinians wanted by Israel, Middle East Newsline reported.

On late Sunday, a Fatah insurgent tried to enter the Israeli community of Gush Katif. An Israeli patrol stopped the insurgent, who wore a military uniform and was armed, and killed him.

The attacks came as Israel and the Palestinian Authority discussed an Israeli military pullout. Israel wants PA security forces to take responsibility for the areas in the Gaza Strip planned for evacuation by Israeli troops.

So far, the sources said, the PA has not redeployed its forces to take over for the Israeli soldiers. They said Palestinian Security Affairs Minister Mohammed Dahlan said the effort would take several days.

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