Israeli special forces capture Islamic Jihad commander

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Tuesday, November 11, 2003

RAMALLAH Israeli special operations forces have captured a leading Islamic insurgency commander.

Israeli and Palestinian sources said a military unit captured the commander of the Islamic Jihad in the West Bank city of Jenin. Amjad Obeidi was regarded as the leading planner of Jihad suicide attacks in Israeli cities over the last year.

Obeidi was captured in Jenin on Friday in an operation that resulted in riots in the northern West Bank city. Jenin has been regarded as the leading Jihad stronghold in the West Bank.

Israeli military sources said Obeidi had been planning suicide attacks in several Israeli cities. They said Obeidi was linked to bombings in Haifa and Jerusalem in 2003 in which more than 30 people were killed.

Obeidi carried out some of the Jihad operations with the cooperation of the much-larger Hamas movement, the sources said. They said Hamas helped finance operations and provide the explosives required for the suicide attacks. Jihad would supply the suicide bomber.

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