Iran displays series of missiles at military parade

Thursday, September 25, 2003

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps has displayed both liquid- and solid-fuel missiles during Sacred Defense Week. The period marks the 1980-88 Iran-Iraq war and seeks to demonstrate Teheran's military capability.

At a military parade on Monday, Iran highlighted the Shihab-3 intermediate-range missiles. Six Shihab-3 missiles were displayed during the parade in the largest exhibition of the missile, a derivative of North Korea's No-Dong.

But Iran also displayed such missiles as the new solid-fuel Fateh-110, said to have a range of about 200 kilometers and which was successfully tested in 2002. Western intelligence sources said Iran plans to extend the reach of the Fateh-110 to medium-range.

Other missiles displayed by Iran were the Nazeat-6, Nazeat-10 and Zelzal short-range rockets, Middle East Newsline reported. The Iranian military also paraded the Farj air-to-surface missiles.

The Iranian military also exhibited the Tondar-69 air trainer, the U.S.-origin Hawk surface-to- air and Maverick air-to-ground missiles. Iran also displayed the Soviet-origin Scud-B and SAM-6 missiles.

At the parade, Iran also exhibited several unidentified missiles. One of them was described as a long-range shore-to-sea missile. .

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