Reverse terrorism: Car bomb kills Hizbullah official in Beirut

Monday, August 4, 2003

NICOSIA For the first time in years, Hizbullah has come under attack in Lebanon.

A car bomb weighing 6.2 kilograms killed a Hizbullah aide in southern Beirut on Saturday, officials said. The aide was described a longtime member of Hizbullah's military wing.

Hizbullah's Al Manar television identified the dead man as Ali Hussein Saleh, age 42. He was said to have been a member of Hizbullah since the movement was established in 1982.

"All information available since this morning proves beyond a doubt complete Israeli responsibility for this heinous crime," Hizbullah said in a statement, Middle East Newsline reported. "This crime will not go unpunished."

Family members said Saleh was hired as a driver for the Iranian embassy in January 2003. They said he was involved in several attacks against Israel.

Lebanese officials also said Saleh was targeted by Israel. They said Saleh was regarded as being high on a list of Hizbullah fugitives targeted by Israel.

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