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Hamas continues missile attacks on Israel

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Thursday, May 29, 2003

TEL AVIV Hamas gunners continue their missile attacks on Israel despite talks with the Palestinian Authority.

Hamas launched missile attacks on Tuesday and Wednesday toward the Israeli city of Sderot. At least two people were injured in the missile strikes.

On Wednesday, a Kassam-2 short-range missile landed on the roof of a school dormitory. Two people were treated for shock.

Israeli military sources said the missiles were fired from the northern Gaza Strip. Israeli forces have conducted sweeps around Beit Hanoun over the last few weeks.

Hamas gunners were said to have moved south of Beit Hanoun to launch attacks from the Jabalya refugee camp outside of Gaza City. Israeli and Palestinian sources said that over the last few months Hamas extended the range of the Kassam-2 missile, said to be at up to 10 kilometers.

Palestinians also intensified mortar attacks on Israeli communities in the Gaza Strip. Mortar attacks were reported daily on Israeli civilian and military targets.

PA Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas has planned a series of meetings with Hamas leaders, who have refused appeals for the disarming of the insurgency group. Instead, Abbas has proposed a one-year ceasefire while he engages in negotiations with Israel.

Abbas is expected to meet Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon on late Thursday. Israeli officials said the meeting will focus on security issues as well as Israeli confidence-building measures toward the PA.

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