Hamas claims direct hit with new anti-tank missile

Monday, January 27, 2003

GAZA CITY A Hamas announcement said its miltiary wing successfully fired a new anti-tank missile termed the Al Batar. The Islamic opposition movement said the missile was fired on an Israeli tank in the northern Gaza Strip on Friday and scored a direct hit.

"Our combattants fired an Al Batar missile on Friday made by the Izzedin Kassam Brigades on an Israeli tank in Beit Hanun," Hamas said. "The missile hit the tank successfully."

The Israeli military said Palestinian insurgents fired an anti-tank missile on Saturday and again on Sunday in Bet Hanoun and in Gaza City. But the military did not report any casualties or damage, Middle East Newsline reported.

This Hamas announcement marks the second anti-tank missile by the movement. Last year, Hamas said it had developed the Al Bana, which was said to have performed poorly.

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