New laws in Bahrain makes terrorism illegal

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

ABU DHABI Bahrain plans to impose a series of measures as part of a long awaited crackdown against Islamic unrest.

The Bahraini Cabinet has drafted legislation meant to impose stiff penalties on those convicted of what was termed terrorism. The kingdom is home to the U.S. Fifth Fleet as well as a British military presence.

Officials said the measures would involve revisions to the criminal code and would deal with a range of offenses classified as terrorist. The Directorate of Legal Affairs was authorized to coordinate the proposed amendments with the ministries.

Bahrain has been alarmed by rising Islamic unrest over the last six months, Middle East Newsline reported. This has included street fighting and at least one firebomb attack on Bahraini police.

Officials said the new laws would be in accordance with those of other countries that have joined in the war against Al Qaida and related groups.

The government's intention was discussed at a Cabinet meeting chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Abdullah Bin Khalid Al Khalifa. Al Khalifa is also minister of Islamic affairs.

Earlier this month, Western diplomats have warned nationals of several countries to be on the alert for the prospect of Islamic attacks on foreigners in Bahrain.

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