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Morocco offers U.S. monkeys trained in detecting mines

Tuesday, April 8, 2003

CAIRO Morocco has offered the United States monkeys trained in detecting and detonating land mines.

The Moroccan weekly Al Usbua Al Siyassi reported that the North African kingdom has offered the U.S. military up to 2,000 monkeys trained in demining techniques. The weekly said many of the monkeys come from the Atlas Mountains.

Other monkeys were said to have been imported by Morocco and later trained in detecting and detonating mines. The monkeys were said to have been meant for U.S. combat operations in the war against Iraq.

"That is not a scientific illusion but a well-known military tactic," Al Asbua quoted a highly-informed source as saying.

The magazine did not assert that the monkeys were delivered to U.S. Central Command, responsible for the war in Iraq. No other details were reported.

Morocco and the United States have improved their military cooperation over the last year. The two countries increased their intelligence exchange as well as expanded their military exercises and training.

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