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Algeria campaign kills 20 Islamic insurgents

Saturday, April 12, 2003

CAIRO Algeria reported major gains in another offensive against Islamic insurgents.

Algerian security sources said the offensive began on Sunday in the mountain region west of the capital. They said that so far more than 20 insurgents have been killed. Three Algerian soldiers were also killed in the campaign.

The heaviest fighting was reported in the Chelf province near the town of Bouetab. The sources did not identify the insurgents who were killed.

The sources said Algerian special forces and helicopter units have trapped 100 insurgents in the area of Bouetab. They said the insurgents were hiding in underground bunkers.

In Cairo, Islamic sources said Egypt received several Islamic insurgents extradited by Arab League members. They said the insurgents were arrested and flown to Cairo by the governments of Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Sudan.

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