Will biological men take a stand? Trans lobby demands they sit to pee

by WorldTribune Staff, September 19, 2022

Biological males who stand at a urinal to answer the call of nature are committing an atrocity in the eyes of transgender activists now exerting unnatural influence on government and corporate policy.

In the case of those who purposely miss their target, that may be true, but, according to a recent article at IQfy, biological males who stand to pee are offending biological women who identify as men who don’t stand to pee.

The article in the online lifestyle magazine that caters to leftists is entitled “Encourage men to pee sitting down to be more inclusive of Trans men.”

That’s right, the transgender movement wants men to pee sitting down in restrooms because biological women who identify as men are “getting triggered when they join their natural-born male buddies in the men’s room,” Andrea Widburg noted in a Sept. 18 analysis (or unrinalysis?) for American Thinker. “While the men line up in front of their urinals, these fake men are forced to acknowledge biological reality and head for the stalls.”

The article, Widburg continues, “contains several gems, all intended to get natural-born men to pretend to be fake men with women’s excretory functions.”

The article contends there are benefits to sitting to pee: “You tend to put more pressure on your bladder when sitting down to pee and this can be beneficial in urinating more.”

That’s about where rationality ends. The article also states:

• “Not taking an aggressive penis stance with penis held in hand shows that you are secure in your masculinity.”
• “Improved body image and a sense of calm.”
• “Peeing standing is a sign of immaturity.”
• “Sitting allows you to pet your dog while peeing.”

The madness just gets worse, Widburg wrote, “once you go down the transgender-potty rabbit hole.”

The same author of the article about men sitting down to pee also wrote that we should “encourage women to smell their poop to be more inclusive to Trans women: Some women have a hole where their penis used to be, and that hole often shares microbiome with the colon—creating a distinct transitioning odor.”

Widburg slammed the transgender movement’s insistence “that society must change to accommodate body dysmorphia and the mental and physical ills that accompany it. Men must abandon the convenient urinal and women must smell their poop.”

Widburg concluded: “No! This is not how society is supposed to work. Those of us living in the real world must take a stand (if we’re men) or keep our noses out of the potty (if we’re women) and reject this toddler-like obsession with toilet training.”

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