Wilders on Tommy Robinson: ‘As staunch a freedom fighter as Winston Churchill’

by WorldTribune Staff, June 3, 2018

Dutch parliament member Geert Wilders, who was once banned from the United Kingdom, said he will travel to London to support protests over the arrest and imprisonment of activist Tommy Robinson.

Geert Wilders: ‘It is sad to see how Britain, the cradle of Western democracy and the rule of law, is fast descending into tyranny.’

“75 years ago, people all over Europe clandestinely listened to the BBC to hear the voice of Winston Churchill, Wilders wrote in a June 2 op-ed for Breitbart.

“His voice was the voice of liberty, the voice of courageous resistance against Nazi totalitarianism. Churchill, by the way, had no illusions about Islam, either. He said there exists ‘no stronger retrograde force in the world’ than Islam and called Hitler’s vile anti-Semitic book Mein Kampf a ‘new Koran of faith and war.’ ”

Robinson “is as staunch a freedom fighter as Winston Churchill was, who holds the same opinion on Islam and is not afraid to say so,” Wilders said.

Robinson was arrested for contempt of court on May 25 for livestreaming about a pedophile gang’s trial outside Leeds Crown Court.

A judge then prohibited the media from reporting on Robinson’s arrest.

Wilders, leader of the Party for Freedom (PVV) in the Netherlands, noted that Robinson “was arrested, brought before a judge, and sentenced within five hours. The judge ordered a media ban on his arrest and imprisonment, even forcing British publications to delete their articles about the case.”

Wilders, who nine years ago, said he “had the ‘privilege’ of being banned from entering the United Kingdom,” added that while the treatment of Robinson may be “common practice in North Korea and Saudi Arabia” … “it is sad to see how Britain, the cradle of Western democracy and the rule of law, is fast descending into tyranny.”

Wilders continued: “Following massive protests on social media, demonstrations in Whitehall, a legal challenge by two publishers, and huge international attention for the case, the British authorities lifted the media ban. But Tommy Robinson has remained imprisoned, despite over half a million people signing a petition for his release.”

Robinson was arrested for “breaching of the peace” and convicted for “contempt of court,” Wilders noted “because he was reporting about an Islamic grooming gang of 29 suspects, who are suspected of dozens of rapes, including of children. The case is similar to an earlier case in Rotherham where Pakistani and Afghani gangs abused more than 1,400 children and girls, but the authorities ignored the victims because of what a damning official report later called ‘misplaced political correctness.’ ”

Robinson, Wilders wrote, “is a working-class man, who can no longer stand how the original population of England is oppressed by Islam. The latter enjoys the protection from the multiculturalist politically-correct Islamophile ruling class. Tommy Robinson wants to break the taboos this class imposes on society, and he was punished for it.”

Wilders continued: “But Tommy embodies the hope of many, whose voices are not heard. That is why I stand with him. Tommy is a hero. It is a disgrace that he is still in jail. … Free Tommy now!”

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