WHO claims it’s mystified why un-jabbed Africa has such a low Covid infection rate

by WorldTribune Staff, January 12, 2023

Less than 6% of the population of Africa has received the Covid jab. Yet, the continent has fared far better than countries with high injection rates.

One recent large-scale survey in Uganda found that Covid is no longer even a clinical issue.

‘While developed nations with high jab rates struggled with Covid-19 throughout much of 2021 and 2022, Africa avoided this fate, despite its single-digit jab rate.’ / Reuters

The Covid overlords at the World Health Organization (WHO) are said to be “mystified” as to how Africa fared so well.

Of course, they are “completely ignoring data showing that the more Covid shots you get, the higher your risk of contracting Covid and ending up in the hospital,” Dr. Joseph Mercola noted in a Jan. 12 analysis.

Researchers have warned over the past year that the Covid shots “appear to be dysregulating and actually destroying people’s immune systems, leaving them vulnerable not only to Covid but also other infections,” Mercola wrote. “It stands to reason, then, that Africa with its low injection rate would not be burdened with Covid cases brought on by dysfunctional immune systems.”

Though the science is staring it right in the face, the WHO is still calling on all nations to get the Covid shots into at least 70% of their populations, warning that developing countries are at grave risk due to low injection rates.

“The statements made by the WHO contradict a number of real-world situations. For starters, while developed nations with high jab rates struggled with Covid-19 throughout much of 2021 and 2022, Africa avoided this fate, despite its single-digit jab rate,” Mercola noted.

Mercola pointed out that variants of the virus “have gotten milder (less pathogenic) with each iteration, albeit more infectious (i.e., they spread easier). So why is the WHO worried about ‘the risk of new variants creating large waves of serious disease and death in populations with low vaccination coverage’? What is that ‘risk’ based on?”

And, Mercola continued, “since Covid infection keeps getting milder, and has had a lethality on par with or lower than influenza ever since mid-2020 at the latest, why is it still a ‘crucial priority’ to accelerate delivery of Covid treatments?”

John Campbell, a retired nurse educator, called out the contradictions between the WHO’s directives regarding the need for Covid shots in Africa and the actual situation on the ground.

Campbell cited a large-scale survey by a community health partner in Uganda, which surveyed doctors, nurses and medical officers across the country, and “basically, they don’t see any Covid anymore.”

Ugandans not getting the jab and they’re not getting tested for Covid either.

The Ugandan government has stopped publishing Covid guidelines.

“From their perspective, the pandemic is over. The same sentiment appears common in other African countries as well. Given the situation on the ground, is it really a pressing need to jab 30 million people in Uganda against a disease they’re not getting sick from?”

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