Week that was: With stroke of a pen, socialism replaced capitalism

by WorldTribune Staff, January 31, 2021

In signing over 40 executive orders prepared by his team, Joe Biden last week knocked capitalism off the rails and went full steam ahead on socialism, a columnist noted.

Keystone XL: Goodbye thousands of high paying jobs, hello socialism.

When Biden “put pen to paper to unilaterally squash thousands of jobs tied to Keystone XL pipeline development, he didn’t just kill personal economies. He advanced socialist principles,” Cheryl K. Chumley wrote for The Washington Times on Jan. 30.

Keystone XL, Chumley noted, had been privately financed by the developer, TC Energy, by the Calgary energy company TransCanada and by various oil shippers, working in partnership with several banks. When Biden pulled its permit to build it across the U.S. border, he immediately killed up to 11,000 jobs — 8,000 of which were likely union.

These were “good paying, private sector jobs that would have given thousands of individuals the ability to provide for their own families, absent government stimulus dollars, or dole-outs, or entitlements,” Chumley noted.

Why did Biden, or more specifically his team of handlers, do it?

Biden was paying “homage to his radical environmental supporters who’ve fought the pipeline development for years, and not only canceled the project’s permits but elevated climate change to a national security level,” Chumley noted.

“His next step is to realize legislation that — in his own campaign words — ‘puts us on an irreversible path to achieve economy-wide net-zero emissions no later than 2050.’ ”

In the process, Biden’s team said “goodbye private development project. Hello government takeover of a sector,” Chumley noted.

“Hello redistribution of tax dollars to government’s chosen winners and simultaneous financial punishment of government’s chosen losers — the deemed evil ‘polluters.

“That’s socialism.

“All by the whoosh of a Biden pen.”

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