WarRoom: DeSantis blew election chances with support for Dominion Voting Systems

by WorldTribune Staff, February 9, 2023

Is Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis compromised by Dominion Voting Systems?

That question came up on Steve Bannon’s War Room broadcast on Wednesday when MyPillow CEO and election integrity activist Mike Lindell slammed DeSantis for hosting a media “defamation” roundtable which included attorney Libby Locke, who is representing Dominion in lawsuits against Lindell, Rudy Giuliani, and multiple conservative news outlets.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and lawyer Libby Locke / Rumble

Lindell told War Room panelists on Wednesday that DeSantis had squandered his chances of being the Republican candidate for president in 2024 by hosting the roundtable of lawyers.

“He is showing his true colors!” Lindell said of DeSantis.

“Your ship has sailed Ron. You might as well endorse Trump right now and save face. You don’t know what the people want. It’s disgusting. I don’t know: Are you in on this?”

Challenged by Bannon on this conclusion in consideration of DeSantis’ sterling conservative track record as governor, Lindell was adamant, noting that election security was the number one issue in voters’ minds and that all the other issues such as border security, fentanyl and inflation stemmed from that of “a stolen election”.

“I don’t care how many good things you did,” he said. “He basically blessed Dominion, a company that won’t let us see inside their machines.”

The far-left Daily Beast noted:

The feud between Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis — quietly simmering for months — suddenly burst into the open this week with an all-out attack by MAGAworld on the Florida governor.

And the reason why was unexpected: DeSantis aligning himself with a Dominion voting machines lawyer.

On Tuesday morning, DeSantis convened a roundtable in Miami focusing on what his office called “the damaging impacts of defamation from the legacy media.” Seated among the conservative panelists was Elizabeth “Libby” Locke, an attorney who has taken up litigation on behalf of clients like Sarah Palin and the James O’Keefe group Project Veritas against The New York Times.

DeSantis said Locke was “an extraordinaire when it comes to First Amendment defamation.” What he didn’t say is that Locke is now representing Dominion Voting Systems, which is currently suing key Trumpworld figures — like Rudy Giuliani and MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell.

During the roundtable (see below), Locke had railed against media outlets and suggested it needed to be easier to win defamation lawsuits against them:

“It’s virtually impossible to bring and win one of these cases,” Locke said.

“And the media gets away, and they have complete immunity from liability. And that is what I think is going to change in the press. They think with dollar signs. And when there are economic consequences to lying about targets for reporting and to get ratings and to sell ads, that is — when there is real consequences through private action, that’s when they’re going to be accountable to their insurers and when they’re going to be accountable to their shareholders.”

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