Unreported poll: Majority, including one-third of Democrats, want Biden impeached

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, September 8, 2022

Once in a while, discerning observers find evidence that millions dismiss dominant narratives in the Media Monolith if they even heard them in the first place.

Media fantasy: “Polls show Biden is reaping solid approval with popular policies” (an actual NBC News headline from November of last year when Joe Biden’s polling numbers were already beginning to tank).

Reality: Majority in new poll believe Joe Biden should be impeached.

Leftist media tend to ignore as distractions reports that contradict their news feed inspired by dreams of progressives who run the show for Team Biden. In their bubble the news menu includes packing the court, ending the filibuster, instituting all mail-in voting, banning voter ID, teaching Critical Race Theory and gender identity ideology in our schools, banning guns, and defunding the police.

Released on Sept. 8, the unreported Rasmussen Reports poll found that Americans are on a different wavelength.

A majority of voters, including a third of Democrats, support efforts to impeach the unpopular Joe Biden.

Voters interview for the survey, by a margin of 52%-42%, support impeachment. That includes 77% of Republicans, 50% of independents, and 32% of Democrats.

In a related question about Republican promises to make good on impeachment threats, expectations on the GOP actually following through on impeachment are not as high.

Rasmussen found that 47% believe it is likely that the Republicans in the House will vote to impeach versus 43% that don’t. A third of Republicans said it was unlikely that the GOP would vote to impeach.

“Support for impeaching Biden is highest among voters 40-64, who are also most likely to think that if Republicans win in the midterms, they actually will impeach the president. Retirees are least supportive of impeaching Biden,” Rasmussen said.

A CNN poll in July found that 75% of Democrat and Democrat-leaning voters don’t want Biden running again in 2024.

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