Unashamed at Davos: Xi hails ‘open world economy’, signals Biden to toe line

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, January 28, 2021

“The strong should not bully the weak.”

With that phrase Monday at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Chinese supreme leader Xi Jinping provided a graduate-level tutorial on ruthless communications strategies for any students paying attention.

Chinese supreme leader Xi Jinping speaks at the all-virtual World Economic Forum on Jan. 25. / YouTube

A proponent of “Information War”, Xi’s “bully” comment was obviously aimed at the United States.

It is Xi, of course, who has ordered the detention in concentration camps of over 1 million religious minorities, most of them Muslims. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) kingpin continues a brutal crackdown on Tibet. Xi’s military threatens every single one of China’s neighbors over territorial disputes on a daily basis.

But, then, Xi was speaking to a gaggle of elites who enjoy benefits from the communist gravy train. So, to no one’s surprise, the Chairman’s speech ruffled no feathers.

Xi’s speech opened and closed with World Economic Forum (WEF) Chairman Klaus Schwab heaping praise on the communist leader.

The speech was also seen as Xi instructing his “old friend” Joe Biden to toe the globalist line, analysts say.

“In short, Xi wants the world to believe that it is now China, not the U.S., that forms the linchpin of the international order. He is warning Joe Biden to keep well away from Donald Trump’s belligerence, lest the Biden administration be discredited in the eyes of the kinds of people who would attend Davos,” John Jiang wrote for The American Spectator on Jan. 27.

“What might a Chinese-led international order look like? According to Xi, it is one free of ‘ideological prejudice.’ In other words: worry less about tyranny or totalitarianism and focus on keeping the gravy train running. That line surely got an extra round of applause out of Klaus Schwab.”

The overarching theme of Xi’s speech, Jiang noted, “was globalization and transnational integration — the more of it, the better, and no need to read the small print.”

Building an “open world economy,” according to Xi, means keeping “the global industrial and supply chains stable and open” and upholding “the multilateral trading regime,” a thinly veiled dig at the trade policy pursued by President Donald Trump.

Such openness would also require taking down “barriers to … technological exchanges,” Xi said.

“Technology transfers, both illegal and voluntary (in exchange for business deals) constitute perhaps the single greatest method of wealth extraction by China against the United States,” Jiang noted.

Though this year’s Davos meeting was all-virtual, the atmosphere “was no less surreal, at least at first glance,” Jiang wrote.

“What is the strongman leader of the largest communist nation in the world doing headlining the premier event for the world’s free-trading liberal internationalist elite? Of course, there is no real mystery here. China’s use of global organizations to its advantage has been evident as far back as its entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO). The WTO’s kowtowing to China throughout the coronavirus pandemic was an embarrassment observed by the entire world.”

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