UK goes ‘Labour lite’: PM Liz Truss resigns after just 45 days

by WorldTribune Staff / 247 Real News October 20, 2022

British Prime Minister Liz Truss announced on Thursday she is resigning, after having spent just 45 days in the post.

UK Prime Minister Liz Truss announces her resignation on Oct. 20. / Video Image

Speaking outside her official London residence and office at 10 Downing Street, Truss said:

“I recognize though given this situation I cannot deliver the mandate on which I was elected by the Conservative Party.

“I have therefore spoken to His Majesty the King to notify him I am resigning as leader of the Conservative Party. This morning I met the Chairman of the 1922 Committee, Sir Graham Brady. We have agreed there will be a leadership election to be completed within the next week.

“This will ensure we remain on a path to deliver our fiscal plans to maintain our country’s economic stability and national security. I will remain as Prime Minister until a successor has been chosen. Thank you.”

Scandal-plagued Boris Johnson announced his resignation on July 7 and handed over power on Sept. 6.

A one-week leadership election will follow Truss’s resignation. London insiders reportedly believe Johnson’s right-hand-man, Rishi Sunak, is almost certain to win.

The prime minister’s resignation follows the removal of her interior minister and finance minister.

“Their politics clearly did not align with the pro-globalist, fiscally-orthodox faction taking back control of the party and the government at this moment,” Breitbart’s Oliver JJ Lane noted.

Many Conservative Party members had been saying Truss needed to go. Conservative MP Simon Hoare told the BBC on Thursday that Truss had “about 12 hours” to fix the situation. Other Conservative Party lawmakers did not appear even to be willing to wait that long.

“It’s time for the prime minister to go,” Miriam Cates said.

“She isn’t up to the job, sadly,” Steve Double said.

Lane added: “With the exception of the short period in which the Duke of Wellington was caretaker Prime Minister in 1834 — the first choice for Prime Minister was abroad and it took that long to recall him to London — Truss now has the dubious honor of being the shortest-lived UK leader ever.”

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