U.S. official warns Pax Sinica would require Americans’ obedience

FPI / November 11, 2020


An aggressive and intrusive Chinese Communist Party (CCP) “not only rejects our democratic political principles, but it sees them as a prime vulnerability that it can exploit,” the U.S. assistant secretary of state for East Asia and Pacific affairs said in a recent speech.

Xi Jinping chose to ‘weaponize’ engagement. Instead of mutual benefits, Beijing’s activities are ‘systematically predatory and hegemonic.’

“A future Pax Sinica fully realized would be aggressive. It would be contemptuous of human liberty, and domineering,” David Stilwell told the Hoover Institution during an online webinar from Tokyo.

“Instead of a rules-based international order, peaceful resolution of disputes, respect for sovereignty and of law-abiding nations, a CCP-oriented world would require obedience to an unelected clique in Beijing, technological advances in surveillance and control, [and] risk casting the entire world into an age of tyranny,” Stilwell said.

Supreme leader Xi Jinping and his CCP leadership comrades chose to “weaponize” engagement, Stilwell said. Instead of mutual benefits, Beijing’s activities are “systematically predatory and hegemonic.”

Stilwell, a retired Air Force brigadier general who once worked as an attache in China, said a major worldwide defense program to counter Beijing’s malign influence would be difficult to achieve but is necessary.

China, he added, is co-opting both private-sector and government targets in its influence activities and therefore all institutions of society need to understand the Chinese strategy and take steps to counter the threats.

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