Trump to Savage: ‘This will be a rigged election’ if Democrats/media prevail on mail-in voting

by WorldTribune Staff, June 16, 2020

The courts and American citizens must not allow Democrats and their allies in the major media to continue to push for massive vote-by-mail in November, President Donald Trump said.

In an interview with radio host Michael Savage, Trump said that if the Democrats and major media have their way, “this will be a rigged election.”

Trump has warned of the possibility of widespread fraud if states allow massive mail-in voting.

“We’re fighting mail-in ballots,” Trump told Savage. “And I’ll just tell you this one story, ’cause it happened over the weekend. That person I know very well, a friend of mine. His son passed away seven years ago, beautiful, great son, and he’s a great gentleman. And he said, sir, you’re right about mailing ballots. We just received a ballot in the name of my son and he died seven years ago.”

Democrats have used the coronavirus pandemic as justification for launching mail-in voting rights.

Meanwhile, Washington Times columnist Cheryl K. Chumley noted that “protesters-slash-rioters stand shoulder-to-shoulder in the streets, crying about fake systemic racism within police departments. This — as Democrat controlled communities allow non-social distancing looters to smash shop windows, set fire to police cruisers and beat and intimidate innocent elderly bystanders and citizens for the crime of, umm, what, being white?

“This — as Seattle thugs can take over whole sections of downtown, set up barricades, patrol armed guards to keep out police, and sit side-by-side, in close quarters on the pavement, hugging, holding hands, the coronavirus be danged. Where are the Democrats concerned about the spread of COVID-19? Busily passing mail-in voting rules, it would seem.”

And, Chumley noted, “busily selling the public on the COVID-19 fear of going to the ballot boxes in person.”

But the narrative that voters will be put at significant risk of contracting the virus if they show up in person to vote has already been questioned. In Wisconsin’s primary election, more than 400,000 people voted at the polls and several studies found that there was no evidence of a surge in transmission of the coronavirus.

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden told NBC: “We should be looking to an all-mail ballots across the board to begin with because it’s an easy way for people to vote.”

“Coronavirus makes voting by mail even more important,” USA Today wrote.

“Governor Newsom Issues Executive Order to Protect Public Health by Mailing Every Registered Voter a Ballot Ahead of the November General Election,” California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s office put out, on his official website.

A federal judge just stepped in and put a stop to Newsom’s order, calling it an “impermissible use of legislative powers” that violated the state’s Constitution.

“But the left won’t quit,” Chumley wrote. “For the left, mail-in voting has been a ‘never let a crisis go to waste’ benefit of the coronavirus for months.”

The New York Times wrote in April: “Trump Is Pushing a False Argument on Vote-by-Mail Fraud”.

“No. No he’s not,” Chumley wrote. “He wasn’t then, when the Times penned that critical piece. And he’s not now, during his chat with Savage on Savage’s top-ranked radio show.”

“The biggest risk I have, and the biggest risk, frankly, that the Republican party has, is mail-in voting,” Trump said to Savage.

That was after he warned, “This will be a rigged election if they’re allowed to do it.”

He’s not alone in that belief.

“An all-mail election would be rife with fraud,” wrote Francisco Canseco, an attorney, businessman and former U.S. congressman from Texas, in a Texas Public Policy Foundation piece originally published in the Washington Examiner.

“Texas Democrats have sued to expand mail-in ballots for upcoming elections here [in Texas],” Canseco wrote, questioning the wisdom and recalling his past runs for office when he ‘visited empty lots, addresses with multiple names, and mailboxes (not residences) matching the names on my voter rolls.’ ”

“How did those names get on [my] list?” he asked. “Mail-in ballots carry risks of fraud and abuse even more so in abnormal times. As with much else during the ongoing pandemic, we must ensure that the cure is not worse than the disease.”

As Trump told Savage: “We’re terrified of illegal aliens voting, the Democrats voting four or five times.”

Chumley concluded: “And that’s a fear that shouldn’t be dismissed — particularly in the face of Democrats’ overwhelming push to dismiss such fears.

“Remember, it’s the Democrats themselves who say they’ll never let a crisis go to political waste. And if that’s not enough to convince of the concern about mail-in voting: Just look at Basement Biden. Honestly, what chance does he stand to beat Trump, except for fraudulent voting.”

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