Trump-appointed judge’s mask ruling boosts nation’s morale, but ‘gestapo’ is fit to be tied

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, April 20, 2022

U.S. District Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle on Monday overturned Joe Biden’s travel mask mandate leading to spontaneous outbursts of sheer joy among the millions who either travel for a living or who have been avoiding Covid-era travel with all its 1984-style trappings.

The decision by the Florida judge may have provided a mega morale boost for would be frequent flyers nationwide, but it sent the Left mask enforcement gestapo into a frenzy.

Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle

An exacerbating factor was that Judge Mizelle is an appointee of President Donald Trump.

Team Biden’s Department of Justice said it would not appeal the judge’s ruling unless the CDC said it was necessary to do so. That would seem to confirm the theory that “the buck stops” at the CDC.

“This chapter of our long national nightmare is finally over – at least for now. But we must remain vigilant,” conservative commentator Todd Starnes noted. “Just remember on Election Day that it was a federal judge appointed to the bench by President Trump who liberated this great nation from Joe Biden’s mask police.”

As several of the nation’s largest airlines dropped their mask mandates in response to the ruling Kentucky Republican Rep. Thomas Massie, who has reportedly been driving rather than flying, thanked them for their decisions. He also called for CDC Director Rochelle Walensky to resign as “a federal court just ruled that you have been breaking the law.”

Following Judge Mizelle’s decision, “cheerleaders for the COVID nanny state proceeded to have an absolute meltdown online after news of the ruling broke,” noted.

Among the more unhinged responses, the site listed:

• This tweet was from progressive Democrat and Massachusetts state legislator Lindsay Sabadosa was widely mocked for a glaring error.

Separation of powers anyone? They didn’t teach basic civics in any classes Sabadosa ever attended?

” ‘Taking away power from the federal government’ is literally the exact job of the federal judiciary,” Based-Politics noted. “The judicial system exists for the very purpose of serving as a check on the other branches to ensure that they do not exceed their lawful power, as the CDC’s mandate did. There are probably some legitimate legal arguments against the judge’s ruling. But this absolutely isn’t one of them.”

• Doctor and Covid alarmist Jeremy Faust somehow came to the conclusion that the judge’s decision would lead to babies dying.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the death rate for children without a serious pre-existing condition is 0%.

“What’s more, concerned parents are still completely able to have their children wear an N-95 mask to protect them. And, as countless industry experts have explained, airplanes are extremely well filtered and are actually one of the safest possible places from COVID-19 spread,” Based-Politics noted. “And the mask mandate was mostly fulfilled by people wearing useless cloth masks and people constantly took them down to eat peanuts and sip Coke. It wasn’t protecting kids in any meaningful way in the first place. So, this line of attack is just pure demagoguery.”

• Another doctor, Amani Jambhekar, attempted “to guilt-trip those of us who celebrated an end to the useless, invasive mandate and blame us for a random person’s neurosis.”

Anyone is free to wear a mask, two masks, four masks, an N-95 mask, a face shield, etc.

“If they’re choosing to live in fear, that’s on them — not us,” Based-Politics noted.

• This difficult-to-decipher tweet came from CNN Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin (yes, that Jeffrey Toobin).

How does the judge’s age have anything to do with the decision?

Based-Politics added: “The Senate actually voted to repeal the federal mask mandate! (The bill didn’t pass the House). But what’s more, it’s nothing new for conservative and liberal judges to rule very differently and come out on different sides of an issue. Toobin is attempting to paint this ruling as something radical or unprecedented when it’s actually a standard development in a long-running pattern.”

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