Tiananmen: The last time China rebelled against the CCP captured in riveting CNN video footage

by WorldTribune Staff, December 13, 2022

When protests against Xi Jinping’s zero-Covid lockdown policies spread throughout the nation early this month, China’s army of censors and network systems failed to control the outrage.

 The Chinese Communist Party’s Great Internet Firewall had been breached and nationwide protests not seen since the 1989 pro-democracy movement at Tiananmen Square erupted.

The last time Chinese citizens rebelled in such numbers against the communist regime in Beijing, Tiananmen Square, was captured in graphic, rarely-seen footage by a cable news channel, CNN, which at the time was actually focused on broadcasting news.

See below.

Conventional wisdom has ruled that the Chinese people subsequently been subdued by the brutal and relatively small Chinese Communist Party. Not so.

“Having protests over the same issue break out in multiple Chinese cities is almost unheard of, outside of nationalist outpourings, such as anti-Japanese protests. Since the Tiananmen Square protests in 1989, the ruling party has allowed some local demonstrations but made it a priority to prevent nationwide protests,” the Wall Street Journal noted.

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Video out of Shanghai showed one man chanting, “The Communist Party,” with others responding, “Step down.”

“Xi Jinping,” one protester shouted. “Step down,” as others responded in kind.

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