The vaccine and human reproduction: Naomi Wolf’s horrifying review of Pfizer documents

by WorldTribune Staff, September 21, 2022

Thousands of formerly internal Pfizer documents released under court order show that Pfizer’s mRNA vaccines “target human reproduction in comprehensive, likely irreversible ways,” Naomi Wolf noted in a Sept. 18 report.

Wolf said a team of 3,250 research volunteers from the War Room/DailyClout poured over the Pfizer documents, which the pharma giant intended to keep secret for 75 years but was forced to release after a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, and “in 39 fully cited reports to date, have documented evidence of what I’ve been calling ‘360 degrees of harm’ to reproduction.”

Wolf reported that the researchers found that the Pfizer documents reveal “damage to menstruation, harm to the testes and epididymis, harms to the penis, horrible harm to the ova and ovaries, mechanisms for compromising the placenta, contamination of amniotic fluid, and damage to newborns. They reveal that four women’s breast milk turned blue-green. They reveal injuries to at least one newborn that extend to death from ingesting tainted breast milk. They reveal horrific levels of miscarriages.”

Wolf continued: “Soon humanity will realize that the worst thing ever to happen to it, has taken place. Soon humanity will realize that the miscarriages and the drops in birth rate worldwide documented by Igor Chudov; the drop in life expectancy; the neonatal deaths; the ruination of eggs and ovaries; were done to them with knowledge aforethought, and that, in many cases relating to fertility, the means for healing the bodies of women is not clear.”

Wolf said she regularly receives messages in her inbox from women asking, “Can the lipid nanoparticles be removed from the ovaries? My daughter miscarried right after receiving the Pfizer vaccine…” “My daughter-in-law was vaccinated while pregnant. What can be done for her?”

“But mainstream news outlets, let alone our government agencies, are not helping women with this crisis,” Wolf wrote. “Rather, they are seeking to gaslight us about it, and to kill off reputationally or to censor those of us bringing this evidence to the light of day.”

Wolf concluded: “Daily, we shoulder the burden of telling this dark but vital story to the world — because the ones who call themselves journalists, the ones who call themselves wire services, who call themselves press release services, who call themselves British government broadcasters, are sadly so corrupt as to be — unavailable.

“As the abyss of human survival itself yawns open, these traitors to humanity are too preoccupied to document it; because hey, they are busy.

“They are busy, cashing the checks.”

Meanwhile, a nurse who said she lost her job over the Covid vaccine mandate delivered an emotional address at the San Diego Board of Supervisors meeting on Sept. 13:

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