The core of the Biden crimes and the Suspicious Activity Reports


Special to WorldTribune, May 10, 2024

[Ninth in a series of excerpts from Report on the Biden Laptop‘ by the Marco Polo Research Group, founded by former Trump White House official Garrett Ziegler.* Note: Only the introductions of the Suspicious Activity Reports are included below.]

Core Of The Crimes

Several small volumes have been written about the Biden Laptop and the scandals therein, and rightfully so. …. What these exposés omitted were the hundreds of documented crimes (both felonies and misdemeanors) and the necessary information to thoroughly expose and prosecute them. The Bidens’ nepotism, although egregious, was not easily actionable under U.S. law. These omissions have served as a classic limited hangout for the family, who benefited from the milquetoast research put forward by most of the press. Nearly everyone who has written about these matters has buried the lede by missing — like ships passing in the dead of night — a statute that was written with Hunter and his ilk in mind: the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA).

The cover letter to the subpoena. / Report on the Biden Laptop, Page 73.

The FARA requires those acting as an agent for a “foreign principal” to register with the DOJ. FARA does not prevent any otherwise legal relationship or transaction between the parties; it merely requires the agent to register and declare for which foreign principal he is acting as an agent. Because the bar to comply with the FARA is so low, the penalties for violating the statute are relatively steep, including fines and up to five years in prison.

Hunter and his business partners flagrantly violated this law for nearly a decade. Do not take Marco Polo’s word for it; the exhibits in this section will clearly illustrate the aforementioned “5 Ws.” Even with the FARA’s low bar of mere disclosure, the DOJ OIG in the Obama-Biden regime released a report detailing how the DOJ lacked “a comprehensive FARA enforcement strategy.” The OIG explicitly stated that many FBI agents do not even understand the law and are frustrated with the lack of guidance and overall communication between the FBI and the National Security Division in the DOJ.

Nevertheless, this lack of “a comprehensive FARA enforcement strategy” did not stop the DOJ from using this exact law to prosecute Paul Manafort. In a sickeningly ironic twist, Joe’s feds used the FARA to “investigate” Rudy Giuliani’s quest to expose the Bidens’ crimes in the Ukraine.

Although repeatedly misattributed to Saul Alinsky, Joe’s apparatchiks in the FBI were actually following Hunter’s modus operandi taken from Joseph GOEBBELS: accuse others of what you are, in fact, guilty of doing or covering up.

The Bidens have blamed their laptop debacle on the Russians, Giuliani, and other actors supposedly working at the behest of foreign principals, for which they have no evidence. At the very same time, the Biden clan and their partners were actually unregistered agents for a plethora of foreign principals.
The irony was not lost on Schwerin after he read an article about Obama’s chief of staff: “I wonder why we stress about this [FARA] so much.”

Subpoena — May 2019

The Bidens and those in their orbit had good reasons to worry — more than a million of them, in fact, as their financial statements and wire transfers revealed. During the course of writing this Report, a whistleblower — after realizing a purposeful delay from the DOJ was afoot — approached Marco Polo with a copy of a grand jury subpoena (an “external referral” in financial compliance industry parlance) issued by the aforementioned U.S. Attorney for the District of Delaware, David Weiss. The whistleblower was a party to the subpoena, dated 05/15/2019, which sought Hunter and his partners’ financial transactions and other business records. The cover letter to the subpoena — which was signed by Assistant U.S. Attorney (AUSA) Jamie McCall — bore the name of Lesley Wolf, who, because of her husband’s employment at Penn, should have recused herself per 28 CFR § 45.2.

The cover letter to the subpoena — which was signed by Assistant U.S. Attorney (AUSA) Jamie McCall — bore the name of Lesley Wolf, who, because of her husband’s employment at Penn, should have recused herself per 28 CFR § 45.2. / Report on the Biden Laptop, Page 73.

Wolf issued the wide-ranging subpoena in case 19-3-LFWS-V-32, seeking records from Joe’s son and brother, Jimmy. Fifteen companies, mostly shells used for money laundering, were included on the document. Predictably, most of the companies listed below will be on exhibits in this Report. The order demanded all transfers emanating to and from Account # 453365557784 at the Bank of China (BKCHCNBJ), presumably alluding to Foreign Bank Account Registration violations (31 USC § 5314) that Hunter and his partners committed.

In fact, the DOJ used this exact statute to indict Paul Manafort two years earlier: “United States citizens who have authority over certain foreign bank accounts — whether or not the accounts are set up in the names of nominees who act for their principals — have reporting obligations to the United States.”

If the respondent from JP Morgan Chase had questions about the subpoena, they were to contact IRS Special Agent Joe Ziegler. JP Morgan was directed to send the responsive documents to Stefania Roca, a registered Democrat.

With this subpoena, we have definitive proof of a miscarriage of justice — because Marco Polo possessed a copy of the Biden Laptop, we can be certain that the bank, when it responded to the subpoena, would have produced evidence of multiple felonies. Regardless of whether it was Barr or Weiss who made the call to blatantly slow-walk the investigation, someone must be held accountable.

The lack of accountability can be explained, in part, by the makeup and presumed biases of the law enforcement investigative team and their associates. For example, Ziegler’s partner is connected — at least socially — with Joe’s Monkeypox spokesman, Demetre Daskalakis, likely from Demetre’s stint at the CDC in Atlanta, where Ziegler and his partner are based. The wife of Jamie McCall is also an ardent supporter of the Marxist-inspired Black Lives Matter riots, which Joe heavily promoted in 2020.

Suspicious Activity Reports

Marco Polo was also provided two SARs which had been submitted to the U.S. Department of Treasury as a supplement to JP Morgan Chase’s response to the aforementioned subpoena. The SARs revealed the international business networks and human trafficking rings that Hunter and his associates facilitated and patronized. More detail will be provided later in the Report, particularly in the SEX-RELATED CRIMES section, but, in the interest of complete transparency, the SARs [Editor’s Note: Introductions only for brevity] are pasted below as-is. Footnotes and highlights were added for reference and clarification purposes:

SAR #1

JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A. (“JPMC”) and J.P. Morgan Securities LLC (“JPS”) is filing this Suspicious Activity Report (“SAR”) to report transactions involving current, former and non-customers of JPMC and J.P. Morgan Securities LLC; ROBERT HUNTER BIDEN (“ROBERT”), DEVON D. ARCHER (“DEVON”), and THORSDALE FIDUCIARY AND GUARANTY COMPANY LTD (“THORSDALE”), ERIC D SCHWERIN (“ERIC”), ROSEMONT SENECA BOHAI LLC, ROSEMONT SENECA ADVISORS, OWASCO P.C (“OWASCO”), BURISMA HOLDINGS LIMITED (“BURISMA”), and BOHAI HARVEST RST (SHANGHAI) EQUITY INVESTMENT FUND MANAGEMENT CO LTD (“BOHAI HARVEST”) for 93 wires between 02/03/2014 and 08/02/2019 totaling $2,461,962.60. The SAR is being filed to report wire activity involving parties linked to a Politically Exposed Person (“PEP”) with negative media for possible political corruption; as well as, alleged business conflicts involving related companies and individuals.

SAR #2

JPMorgan Chase Bank (JPMC) is filing this Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) which originated from an external referral for transactions involving non-JPMC accounts held by a Politically Exposed Person (PEP) who remitted funds to various JPMC and non-JPMC customers, some of the recipients have ties to the adult entertainment industry, while others were unknown, or were listed in prior SAR filings related to human trafficking (HT). Additionally, the source of funds for the transactions is unknown and inconsistent with the known line of business. This activity was transacted by non-JPMC customers ROBERT HUNTER BIDEN (“HUNTER”) and his law firm OWASCO PC. Activity being reported totals $149,843.00 (rounded up) between the dates of 10/24/2016 and 05/10/2019.

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* The voluminous footnotes for ‘Report on the Biden Laptop‘ are available online and with the purchased edition.

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