Team DeSantis launches 2024 campaign with a little help from Elon Musk, Murdoch

by WorldTribune Staff, May 24, 2023

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was set to launch his 2024 presidential campaign on Wednesday, hoping assists from Twitter CEO Elon Musk and Fox News chief Rupert Murdoch will give the 44-year-old Republican a boost in GOP primary polls dominated by former President Donald Trump.

DeSantis planned to announce his decision to enter the race in an online conversation with Musk on Wednesday evening.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was set to launch his 2024 presidential campaign on Wednesday evening.

In an unvarished Tuesday analysis for, Sundance noted that DeSantis was following the “Sea Island billionaire strategy” to a T. Sea Island, Georgia has been a favored site for major Republican donors to plot strategy.

The sequence:

“DeSantis will first meet with the billionaire donors at the Four Seasons Hotel for an exclusive campaign launch (the donors). Then DeSantis we be hosted by Twitter CEO Elon Musk for an exclusive Twitter Spaces announcement (social media, influencers). Then DeSantis will participate in a first of many Fox News promotions, hosted by Trey Gowdy in the 8pm hour formerly occupied by Tucker Carlson (Rupert Murdoch). Immediately following the Fox News interview, DeSantis will be hosted by Mark Levin at 8:30pm (the Israeli lobby).”

“Musk and Murdoch participating in the details” of the DeSantis launch “is not accidental,” Sundance wrote. “Murdoch has paid for DeSantis (book advance via Harper Collins) and is using his media platforms (NY Post, WSJ and Fox News Corp) to assist. Elon Musk is using his influence and platform to assist. This provides scale to the financial interests in 2024. Machiavelli would blush.”

Fox News “is going to be ugly! That entire operation is going to use dark arts to manipulate those who still have not awakened to the nature of the real enemy,” Sundance wrote.

The DeSantis team “will have every strategic point on paper in their favor, and they will have a lot of money,” Sundance continued, adding that the only way DeSantis can win the GOP nomination is “if Trump is not in the race; that’s the caveat. The goal of the professional Republican apparatus is not to help DeSantis win; the goal is to remove Donald Trump.”

Never-Trumpers despise the former president because he “represents the base voters of the Republican Party, and the GOPers hate the base of the party much more than they hate Democrats. Exponentially more,” Sundance wrote.

“You can put any other smaller detail or nuance to it, but that larger dynamic is the reality. Every professional political institution on the Republican side of the UniParty hates Trump because he represents, We The People,” Sundance concluded.

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