Survey points to real number of deaths from Covid jab; CDC and FDA continue to push shots

by WorldTribune Staff, February 8, 2023

According to a survey published in the peer-reviewed journal BMC Infectious Diseases, the true number of Americans who died due to the Covid shots is somewhere between 217,330 and 332,608 — in 2021 alone.

“While it’s clear that the experimental Covid shots have killed a considerable number of people, the total death toll remains elusive, thanks to U.S. health agencies obfuscating, hiding and manipulating data,” Dr. Joseph Mercola noted in a Feb. 6 analysis.

Vaccine Safety Research Foundation founder Steve Kirsch noted: “[We’ve] killed at least 217,000 Americans and seriously injured 33 million … in just the first year, and the CDC and FDA want to give you more shots … Since deaths from the vaccine were higher in 2022, most experts would estimate the all-cause mortality death toll from the Covid vaccines to be in the range of 500K to 600K.”

Kirsch added: “So the global cost of life from these vaccines is on the order of 10 to 12 million people … These [data] are consistent with the numbers I’ve been saying for a long time. It’s not a coincidence.”

Researchers said the primary aim of the BMC Infectious Diseases survey was to “identify the factors associated by American citizens with the decision to be vaccinated against Covid-19.”

The author, Mark Skidmore Ph.D., an economics professor at Michigan State University, described being curious about why 31% of the U.S. population had declined the jab or not completed the primary series by November 2022, nearly two years into a massively advertised “vaccination” campaign.

“A largely unexplored factor is the degree to which serious health problems arising from the Covid-19 illness or the Covid-19 vaccines among family and friends influences the decision to be vaccinated.”

The main aim of the survey, Skidmore said, was to investigate the degree to which the virus and adverse events from the shots influenced inoculation decisions. The second aim was to estimate the total number of Covid shot induced fatalities nationwide.

Here’s an excerpt describing the methodology:

“An online survey of COVID-19 health experiences was conducted. Information was collected regarding reasons for and against COVID-19 inoculations, experiences with COVID-19 illness and COVID-19 inoculations by survey respondents and their social circles. Logit regression analyses were carried out to identify factors influencing the likelihood of being vaccinated.”

As for the types of side effects experienced by people within the respondents’ social circles in the survey, they included (but were not limited to) the “usual suspects,” such as: Heart and cardiovascular problems; severe Covid infection or other respiratory illness; Feeling generally unwell, weak, fatigued and out of breath for weeks; blood clots and stroke; death.

Based on these survey data, Skidmore estimates: “… the total number of fatalities due to COVID-19 inoculation may be as high as 278,000 (95% CI 217,330-332,608) when fatalities that may have occurred regardless of inoculation are removed.”

Mercola noted: “Were Covid-19 an infection with an extremely high mortality rate, perhaps high rates of death from a vaccine would be acceptable. But Covid-19 has an exceptionally low mortality rate, on par with or lower than influenza, hence the risk associated with the Covid jabs ought to be equally low.

“As it stands, the risks of the shots are very high, while Pfizer’s own trial data, with more than 40,000 participants, show they offer no benefit in terms of your risk of hospitalization and/or death. The absolute risk reduction is so minute as to be inconsequential.”

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