Six U.S. Army bases named after Confederate leaders get new names

by WorldTribune Staff / 247 Real News March 26, 2023

Six Army bases named after Confederate leaders are officially changing their names as the U.S. military continues to make wokeness a priority.

Fort Hood will become Fort Cavazos on May 9.

The Naming Commission, which was appointed by the then-Democrat controlled Congress, recommended the Army bases for re-designation in May 2022.

The committee proposed that nine U.S. Army bases be re-designated and remove all “names, symbols, displays, monuments and paraphernalia” that honor the Confederacy.

Fort Hood, the major Army base in central Texas, will become Fort Cavazos on May 9, the base announced Friday.

The new name honors Gen. Richard Cavazos, the first Latino four-star general and first Latino brigadier general.

The Texas base is currently named for John Bell Hood, a Confederate general.

The other name changes:

• Fort Pickett in Virginia was renamed Fort Barfoot.

• Fort Rucker in Alabama will be renamed Fort Novosel in honor of Michael Novosel, an Army chief warrant officer who earned the Medal of Honor for his service in the Vietnam War.

• Fort Lee in Virginia will be renamed Fort Walker. The base is honoring Dr. Mary Edwards Walker, a former prisoner of war and surgeon.

• Fort Benning in Georgia will be renamed Fort Moore to honor Hal Moore, a U.S. commander during the Vietnam War, and Julia Moore, an Army Community Service advocate.

• Fort Bragg in North Carolina will become Fort Liberty.

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