Sen. Cruz slams Democrats for rubber-stamping ‘amazingly unqualified’ Biden judicial picks

by WorldTribune Staff, May 29, 2023

One of Joe Biden’s candidates to the federal bench didn’t know what Article II, which creates the presidency and executive branch of the government, of the U.S. Constitution is.

Sen. Ted Cruz / Video Image

“Any law student who didn’t know what Article II of the Constitution was would flunk com law,” Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz said at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing earlier this month where Democrats were stet to rubber-stamp several more of Biden’s judicial picks.

Cruz then pointed to the top 10 list of litigated cases submitted by the judicial pick, Charnelle Marie Bjelkengren, which included six cases of either driver’s license revocation and unemployment benefits appeals and three blank spaces at the end.

Another of Biden’s picks, Kato Crews, “when asked about Brady vs. Maryland, one of the foundational criminal law classes … said ‘I’m sorry I don’t know what Brady is.’ ”

Another Biden choice, Marian Gaston, showed just what kind of “moonbat crazy” Democrats are “willing to put on the bench.”

Cruz displayed a quote from Gaston, in which the nominee said: “Children are not safer because registered sex offenders are prohibited from residing near schools, parks, day care centers another other places where children tend to gather.”

Cruz said the judges were “amazingly unqualified” for the positions they were being pushed for.

All three of Biden’s nominees were approved by the committee on party-line 11-10 votes.

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