Sen. Cruz introduces legislation to block current and future Covid mandates

by WorldTribune Staff / 247 Real News February 1, 2023

Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz on Tuesday introduced seven bills that would block current and future federal government Covid mandates.

Sen. Ted Cruz / C-SPAN

Joe Biden “has stated that the Covid-19 pandemic is over, but he continues to wield powers granted during the pandemic, and he continues to desire draconian restrictions and mandates for the American people,” Cruz said.

Cruz’s bills include the No Vaccine Passports Act, the No Vaccine Mandates Act, and the No Mask Mandates Act.

“We cannot allow the unprecedented actions taken by the federal government to set a new normal in which politicians and unelected bureaucrats force mandates upon the American people at the drop of a hat,” Cruz said.

Cruz also introduced the GIVE LIFE Act, also known as Doss’s Act, named after a teenager in his state who was denied a kidney transplant because he had not received the Covid vaccine. The bill would prohibit denying a person an organ transplant based on their Covid vaccination status.

The Ending Discrimination in Covid-19 Treatments Act introduced by Cruz would mandate the Department of Health and Human Services to not consider race, religion, sex, age or other factors when distributing Covid-19 treatments. The proposed legislation comes after the FDA issued guidance last year for doctors to consider “race or ethnicity” when rationing out monoclonal antibody treatments.

Cruz’s other two bills focus on children, with one prohibiting groups that receive federal funds from imposing a Covid vaccine mandate on minor children. It also requires parental consent for minor children to receive the Covid jab. The other bill specifically attempts to repeal Washington, D.C.’s public school Covid vaccine mandate.

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