Russian flotilla heads for Mediterranean to counter NATO role in Syria

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Compiled by Miles Yu,

Over 300 Russian Marines are onboard a flotilla of at least five warships from Russia’s Baltic Fleet and the Black Sea Fleet en route to the Syrian coast in the Mediterranean, both Russian and Israeli sources have confirmed.

Warships of the Black Sea, Baltic and North Fleets are participating in what Russian officials described as “the biggest combat exercises for decades.” /

Moscow had earlier stated that the purpose of sending warships to Syria was to prepare for civilian evacuation in case of regime collapse.

However, that mission would not have required hundreds of Russian marines.

As the full-blown civil war rages on in Syria, Russia’s steadfast support of the Bashar Assad regime seems to be hardening in recent weeks, as NATO started to deploy Patriot anti-missile systems in Turkey to prevent Assad’s last minute desperate attack on Turkey.

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