Returning journalist gets canceled with inaugural podcast scoop: Interview with RFK, Jr.

by WorldTribune Staff, June 30, 2023

Former NY Post and CBS investigative journalist Al Guart said he was “coaxed out of retirement” because of cancel culture. In his return, Guart scored an interview with Democrat presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. It was quickly canceled by YouTube.

Journalist Al Guart interviews Democrat presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

“We put together a podcast with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and we discussed a lot of important social issues,” Guart said. “YouTube yanked that podcast … and said it was over ‘medical misinformation.’ ”

In the interview, Kennedy charged that the “Democrat Party is off track.” He also spoke at length about the “huge contracts” U.S. intelligence agencies had with Big Tech which has emerged, he said, as America’s “public square.”

A YouTube spokesperson said: “Under our general vaccine misinformation policies, we remove false claims about currently administered vaccines that are approved and confirmed to be safe and effective by local health authorities and the WHO. This includes content that falsely alleges that approved vaccines are dangerous and cause chronic health effects, claims that vaccines do not reduce transmission or contraction of disease, or contains misinformation on the substances contained in vaccines will be removed. This would include content that falsely says that approved vaccines cause autism, cancer or infertility, or that substances in vaccines can track those who receive them.”

In a stern response on Rumble [see below], Guart rebuked Big Tech censorship as an “insult to the intelligence of all Americans”:

We are not allowed to talk about alternative treatments like [censored: ‘hydroxychloroquine’], or [bleep: ‘ivermectin’]. And I found this incredibly offensive, insulting, insulting to the intelligence of all Americans. Give them the information and let them make a decision on their own. And that’s the way America operates. We want more information not less. We don’t want any authorities telling us what we can think, what we can read, what we can hear or see. But that’s what is happening in America. That happened today. …

This has to stop if we’re going to have a country, if we’re going to have a democracy, if we’re going to evolve as human beings. We can’t have overlords telling us what is right or wrong. We need to find these things out on our own.

It’s almost a crime to tell us that you know better than we do and that we can’t handle the truth. No we can. It’s just that you can’t

It was the second interview with Kennedy pulled by YouTube over alleged “medical misinformation.”

Kennedy tweeted: “[YouTube] just pulled another of my videos, with former NY Post political reporter Guart. People made a big deal about Russia supposedly manipulating internet information to influence a Presidential election. Shouldn’t we be worried when giant tech corporations do the same?”

“When industry and government are so closely linked, there is little difference between ‘private’ and ‘government’ censorship,” Kennedy continued. “Suppression of free speech is not suddenly OK when it is contracted out to the private corporations that control the public square.”

Guart’s interview with Kennedy on his “Beyond The Sphere” podcast is still available on Spotify and on the Rumble free speech platform (links below).

During the interview, Kennedy said, if elected, he would engage with tech giants to explore ways to put an end to what he perceives as the un-American practice of censorship. He further asserted that if a satisfactory resolution could not be reached, he would consider transforming these companies into common carriers.

(View Guart’s full interview with Kennedy on Spotify here.)

(View Guart’s full interview with Kennedy on Rumble here.)

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